Aboki Lyrics ~ Ice Prince

Please take these lyrics with a grain of salt... :P

That spend a lot of cash oh
That spend a lot of cash oh
It’s my guy
That spend a lot of cash oh
It’s my guy
That spend a lot of cash oh

Aboki side, aboki side, aboki side
You don’t want to see my aboki side
My aboki side, my aboki side
Cause I spend a lot of cash o

SP Shagari (is my guy)
El Rufai himself (is my guy)
Dankambo (is my guy)
And Lawal Aroje (is my guy)
Ha, Dangote (is my guy)
And Falila Goje (is my guy)
My life rotate (is my guy)
Naira rotate

I was Ice prince then wan chan guy
But now they call me that function guy
I party abroad, I got a wife in abroad
I’m in the places they only see in assumption guy
They need a Cali then East... guy
We go safari then Houston guy
The girls them love to go shopping in Dubai
Buy the store and then kiss them bye
Off to ABJ take my guy
And all the girls they wan date my guy
The whips and all the chase Swiss
The calls again
EFCC them chase my guy
So Jessy told me have faith my guy
And you can blow the landscape my guy
And now I roll with that senator
And that senator and that’s great my guy

Aigbeni Saraki (is my guy)
The Odu family (is my guy)
Musa Mantu (is my guy)
You know how we gonna do (is my guy)
Hush Paramera (is my guy)
Hush Palewa (is my guy)
Huh Tarera (is my guy)
Say, the whole of Arewa (is my guy)

See I fly around the world with my guys
Arieum in the me (is my guy)
St. Monica, Pandemonium
Take the beast and no shit my guy
Now we on the boat with my guys
Held your phones they go flip my guys
Senorita is nice to meet ya
I’ll like for you to come meet my guys
The first to see is called Captain Mo
Drop the numbers stop acting slow
We only shine in brand new designers
That type you see on that fashion show
The whole of Dankwambo is my guy
I roll the Ganjamo with my guys
A man with Sendemo, see the pendejo
You no wrestle na sleep and die
Now you know I talk through my guy
You want to reach me come through my guy
I met the Sambos that’s true my guy
Then I must salute the mantle my guy

Aboki side, aboki side, aboki side
You don’t want to see my aboki side
Aboki side, aboki side
Yes I spend a lot of cash oh

Audu Mekori (is my guy)
Danjuma Goje (is my guy)
Antata (is my guy)
Say em daragada (is my guy)
A ro ran ran (with my guy)
My friend Jonathan (is my guy)
And them rogomad squadi (is my guy)
That’s my personal padi (is my guy)

Aunty mi oh
Bend down salute
Ice Prince Zamani
Bend down salute
Chopstix on the beat
Aunty mi oh
Bend down Salute
Bend down salute
Nobody like you

Aboki aboki...
Aboki Lyrics ~ Ice Prince
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